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SS Fabrication

We serve with SS Fabrication and manufacture different SS products required in industry. We have special quality for Stainless Steel as we have our in-house buffing service for Stainless Steel with argon welding.


MS Fabrication

As SS fabrication our company also serve with MS Fabrication, we work with quality for making of different equipments or structural work in MS Fabrication.


Structure Fabrication [Peb]

As our company not only serve in SS and MS Fabrication, we also work in Structure Fabrication [Steel pre-engineered building].


Maintainence Activity

We are also serving with maintainence activities with making of platforms any structural work or pipeline work and erections. With supply of labours, site incharge, etc.


Quality is our responsibilty.

As serving to many Industries, we get to know the quality delivered to our customer/clients, so we decided to work with quality for better experience of our customer/clients.

As while working with heavy machine and equipments, Safety is our Priority.

For any industry, workers/labours are the key towards success. So for our company workers/labours are the key of our success, because if the keys are not there lock of success will not open. So working in the company the first thing is the safety which is our priority.


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